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Your HOA survived the North Fork winter! What’s next?

Your HOA survived the North Fork winter! What’s next?

It’s been one of the coldest and snowiest winters we’ve seen on the North Fork in a while! We’re sure you’re tired of calling in the snow plows, and ready to enjoy a beautiful Long Island spring. Before your community starts to venture outside as the weather gets warmer, now is the perfect time to start preparing. Here are five tips for your HOA to shake off the cold and get ready for spring:

  1. Inspect your community: All of the cold weather we experienced this year on Eastern Long Island can take their toll. As water freezes and expands, it can wreak havoc on your sidewalks, driveways and more. Plus the weight of the snow may have impacted the roofs in your association. Check thoroughly for damage, and bring up any needed repairs at your next meeting. You can also let an experienced property manager inspect the community and coordinate with your maintenance or asphalt company.

  2. De-winterize: If you have outdoor water (including irrigation) that needed to be turned off in the fall, make sure to get them turned back on. And it may seem too early to think about summer on the East End, but if your association has a pool, you can at least put that on your calendar for later in the spring.

  3. Call your landscape company: Your HOA can’t wait to see the white turn to green outside - don’t let your association be the last on Long Island to turn beautiful! Contact your landscaping company, or have your association manager coordinate with them.

  4. Clean up common areas: As the weather gets warmer, your homeowners will be ready to start enjoying all your outdoor common areas. Whether it’s cleaning, repainting, or maintenance, your property manager can coordinate and get your association ready.

  5. Provide suggestions and tips for your homeowners: It’s not just the board that is thinking about spring cleaning; your residents are too. They’ll appreciate any important information or helpful tips you share, such as what to do with landscaping debris, what maintenance they are responsible for, plus any warm weather activities they can start to enjoy. Your association manager can put together some tips and share them with your community.

It takes a little bit of work, but when your community starts to enjoy everything springtime on the North Fork has to offer, you’ll be happy you started now. 

Of course it doesn’t all have to fall on you and your board! Let PMI Eastern Long Island take care of all of it - and more! From coordinating with your maintenance and landscaping companies, to finance and accounting, we have you covered. Contact us today to learn more.